Christine Lang is an international portrait photographer and photo journalist and passed her examinations with outstanding achievement. She photographs national and international artists, celebrities and personalities and has mastered the gift of uncovering the true personality of the portrayed person beyond pose and mask.

She has coined the concept of "hidden beauty" for her close up  portraits. Photographs are shot in the studio, in artist's homes, on location, at rehearsals, concerts or gigs.




Christine Lang's photographs are used as cover-, press-, promotion-, image- and business pictures all over the world.


"I am a GRAMMY-winning classical composer and guitarist, and have hired Christine Lang

multiple times to take my promotional photos. As an artist with a career spanning decades, I

have had more photo shoots than I can remember, many with world-class photographers. I can

say with complete honesty that Christine Lang is the best of all the photographers with whom I

have worked, by a substantial measure. Her calmness and clarity as she works bespeaks of

her innate abilities to bring out the best in her subjects, and her talent is profound and worldclass."


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"Luxus entsteht wenn sich Empathie, Fantasie und Kompetenz vereinen." 

Christine Lang


"Ein perfektes Bild zeigt den Protagonisten schön und emotional und ist gleichzeitig kunstvoll wie ein Gemälde."

Christine Lang